Collaborations with Jack Lyons

Blazing new trails for contemporary western art, Jack Lyons and Laurie Stevens are creating unique furniture pieces with an artistic fusion of painting and cabinetry.

To date, we have collaborated on these beautiful wine cabinets. We feel these one of a kind pieces are unique in that they combine both of our talents and strengths. Together, we have many ideas for future work. Stay tuned!

(Click on images below to see an enlarged version.)

The Era of Kings Wine Cabinet is a one of a kind piece made of solid walnut with dimensional hand sculpted and carved details, patinaed, corrugated metal side and back panels, LED custom lighting, pull out storage shelves and drawers. The cabinet is 84 high x 48 wide x 25 deep. Laurie’s original oil painting, also titled “Era of Kings” is 30.5 x 26.5.

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Happy Hour Wine Cabinet
“Happy Hour” speaks both to this time of day when fishing on a beautiful river, and to the hour one might gravitate toward this fine Wine Cabinet. Coincidentally, they both are about the same time of day! This too, is a substantial piece with handcrafted details similar to the above cabinet, approximately 86″H x 48″W by 25″D. The painting itself is 32.5″ high x 26.25″ wide.

*Happy Hour cabinet front for web

Buck Up and Huck It! Wine Cabinet
This piece is titled after one of the songs of famed western singer and songwriter, Wylie Gusufson, and was given his nod of approval!

This cabinet is a one of a kind piece made of solid alder with many of the same details as the above cabinets, and about the same size. Laurie’s original oil painting, also titled “Buck Up & Huck It!” is 30.5 x 26.5.
30.5 x 26.6

*Buck Up cabinet front for web

Team Work Gun Cabinet
The “Team Work” Gun Cabinet is a commission done for the man that owns the Montana ranch and the English Setter hunting dogs pictured. We feel the title speaks to the way the dogs work, and to our combined efforts in creating this cabinet as well.
The cabinet is handcrafted of solid walnut with antler door pulls, patinaed, corrugated metal side and back panels; display storage for 10 shotguns, and two lower pull out storage shelves. The cabinet is 86H x 50W x 24D.

The painting is oil on gessoed board and is 47″H x 30″W.

Jack’s Bio:

Jack Lyon’s talent and passion elevate cabinetry to a true art form. He is known throughout the region for his ability to combine an artist’s creative vision with stunning craftsmanship, and then create something unique and enduring: handcrafted beauty you can reach out and touch.

Lyons’ work over the years has been diverse – building custom furnishings and imaginative themed spaces for model homes, designing and building his own homes and of course all the furniture; building several artists’ studios, custom, artistic furniture, sculpted metal art pieces and expressive wood carvings.

For the Russell Museum, Jack has done much work, including remodeling the Renner Library in fine Oxford style, remodeling the entire main gallery, designing and building the Kids Discovery Gallery, and the Bison Exhibit, including top-of-the-line display cases for Native American artifacts.

Lyons’ most recent focus is building one-of-a-kind art furniture pieces, and doing wood and steel sculpted art pieces.

You may contact Jack at 406-seven-six-one-6833

Jack’s own work (more to come)

Hand Wrought Steel Light Sconces

Lyons has done many of these arty wall sconces. Crafted of solid, heavy gauge steel, they host many different designs, and surface treatment from rusty to shiny steel – often a combination of both. The ones shown are 10” wide by 12” high. The sconces hang easily on the wall over an existing light fixture, then giving a softer mood light, not an overall bright light. *If installed outdoors they will eventually have an overall rusted finish.

Pine cone sconce for web

fat pony sconce left black for web

tipi sconce for web

Custom Built Furniture with an Artistic Western Flair

Custom built furniture and home décor are a Lyons’ forte. He has built furniture for many private and corporate entities. Lyons especially loves doing one of a kind pieces with an artistic, western flair. Great design and quality construction are a given.

Bison Buffet
Bison Buffet for web

End table with leather top, and steel and stained glass cowboy lamp
end table and lamp for web

Metal hand wrought coffee table
coffeetable for web