The Golden Hour

I have an affinity for mule deer. They’re such beautiful and graceful creatures. I never tire of painting them. There also really is a golden hour, just before dusk, when the ambient light is saturated and golden. That’s what this painting is about.

This piece has a metal leaf background, which seems to work well with the subject, and my focus.

“The Golden Hour” is 12×12, and will be in my room at the Out West Art Show & Sale at the Heritage Inn in Great Falls, MT., beginning Wednesday night at 5:00, and running through Saturday. I hope to see you there! Room 176!

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I have done three pretty white, or neutral, tonal paintings to date this year, which is a change for me. The process has been interesting and educational, which is always good. It has been very difficult to get good photos of these paintings though, as every shadow on the white paint makes things appear radically different than in reality. It’s an all new learning curve!

This one is titled “Almost” or maybe “Almost Wet”, and is inspired by my trip to Nantucket last fall. “Almost” is an oil, 22×24.

This painting may be seen with many others in my room, 176 at the Out West Art Show & Sale at the Heritage Inn in Great Falls, MT. beginning next Wednesday, March 14!

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Juried into NOAPS National Show!

I was excited to get notice that my painting, “An Early Breakfast” was juried into the National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society (NOAPS)Best of America Small Painting National Exhibition“! The show will be held at the Richland Fine Art Gallery in Nashville, TN. from April 30 – May 26, 2018.

“An Early Breakfast” is an oil, 12×16. It will be for sale there for 1800.00.

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Bathed in Gold

I always have fun painting a tipi, as it’s sort of a taboo subject for me. This one is only a few inches tall, and so seems quite allowable I think!

Autumn along the Missouri River can be spectacular when the cottonwoods transition from vital green to pure gold. This tipi was set up along the banks of the river, basking in the warm glow of reflected light.

“Bathed in Gold” is an oil painting, 20 x 20.

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End of day palette

This is my palette, after a long day in the studio. It looks pretty clean and orderly! I’m working on a more graphic piece with defined colors, that’s why!

So is anyone else out there having trouble getting good, high res. images of your work? Lately, mine seem to be mushy and weird. I am losing the texture and clarity, and end up with this strange mushy look. It’s not a low resolution issue. Someone said it might be an iphoto problem?
Anyway, I have paintings to post, but am having trouble getting good images!

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I Go to Nature to Be Soothed

I have about 10 paintings in the works now and not many finished, but this one is. I painted another of this same river at sunset a year ago, but the subject is compelling and I decided to do it again. (Sara, the composition is different, really!) My memories of this float on the Snake River still evoke such emotion. The last light coming through the trees in this beautiful country, the smell of the rich earth and the sound of the water were a magical combination. And, I was lucky enough to share this with special friends.

The title is from my heart. This painting is an oil, 16×20.

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Red Dog

The west was a wild place, and still can be! I’m guessing we’ve all heard the stories. Here, I’ve made up my own story, or at least part of it. You can fill in the details!

My model, Robert Culbertson, who I’ve painted quite a few times, runs a western art photo shoot in Kansas called American Frontier Productions. Check it out! He’s on FaceBook. Robert and many in his gang are great models!

Red Dog is an oil on board, 32 x 24.

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An Early Breakfast

First, to blow off some steam, I have been fapped for the better part of two months. I know most of you don’t even know what that means. But, where we are, we have antiquated internet service with very little allotted band width usage – and no other options. It’s maddening, and so frustrating to try to really do anything on the internet! Just sayin’!

But back to why I’m here now, being on Nantucket for a week this fall was a visual overload. There was much to see that was so different from my home in Montana. And yet, what are the first few paintings I have done of that week? Still lifes! The light through Annie and Tim’s kitchen window in the morning was irresistible! (Actually, I do have a few Nantucket landscapes / waterscapes in the works as well!) Stay tuned.

This painting, “An Early Breakfast” is 12×16.

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Portrait Society of America Competition Finalist!

How exciting! I was just informed that my painting “Mourning Dove” was selected as a Finalist in the “Outside the Box” category, in the 2017 National Members Only Competition! I am thrilled!

“Mourning dove” is 36″ x 24″ and is oil and gold leaf on a gessoed board.

Mourning Dove was the pen name of Christine Quintasket, an Interior Salish woman born in 1884 in Idaho. In 1904, she enrolled in the Fort Shaw Indian School, which was about 30 miles from Great Falls, Montana. In Montana, she witnessed the 1908 roundup of the last free-ranging bison herd, an event that had a profound effect on her. Soon thereafter, she began to develop the idea for a novel that combined traditional tribal culture with a romantic story, based around the epic buffalo roundup.

Her novel, Cogewea, the Half-Blood, (1927) was the first known published novel by a Native American woman. It explored the plight of the mixed blood (or “breed”), who lived in both white and Indian cultures. In the book, she described centuries-old traditions with the authority of her own first-hand knowledge and experiences.

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Setting Sun

This was one of those paintings that makes the struggle worth it, at least for the moment! I was of course attracted to the wonderful affect of the sun setting behind the mountain here. This painting then became an exercise in using my palette knife, which was great fun!

“Setting Sun” is an oil on gessoed board, 12×16.

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Laurie Stevens

Recent Accolades

2018 – I was chosen as a Finalist in the Portrait Society of America’s “Members Only Competition” (in the Non-Commissioned Portrait Category) with my painting, “The Artist’s Wife”.

2018 – I was chosen to grace the “Classic Moments” page of the July / August 2018 Fine Art Connoisseur magazine. This is the last page of the magazine and a full page spread! My painting, “The Artist’s Wife”, 32×24, was my response to a painting of the same title by William Merit Chase, done in 1892. –

2018 – “An Early Breakfast” was juried into the NOAPS 2018 Best of America Small Painting National Exhibition at Richland Fine Art in Nashville, TN. April 30 – May 26, 2018 –

2018 – Portrait Society of America – 6×9: Limited Size, Unlimited Talent Mystery Art Sale, April 20 at the Art of the Portrait Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. –

2017 – C.M. Russell Museum Auction “The Russell” –

2017 – Dinghies and U-Turn were juried into the National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society Holiday Small Works Show in Parkville, MO. –

2017 – Portrait Society of American Members Only Competition Finalist in the “Outside the Box” Figurative Competition – for “Mourning Dove” 36×24 –

2017 – Two pieces juried into the National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society Holiday Small Works Show –

2016 – Portrait Society of America “Members Only Show” – I placed in the Landscape Division with my painting “Milk and Honey”! See the images on the slider. –

2014 – Spring, 2015 – Juried into the Spring American Women Artists Online Juried Show.

2014 – Juried into the Fall NOAPS International Online Showcase.

2014 – Juried into the American Women Artists National Competition & Exhibition, Orleans,

2014 – Chosen to be an “Art in Action” Artist for the Russell Auction event at Meadowlark Country Club, Great Falls, MT., Mar.

2013 – Juried into the American Women Artists National Competition & Exhibition, Fredericksburg,

2012 – A piece of mine, “Motel Galata” was selected to be part of the permanent Modern West Collection at the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, GA!

2012 – Top 100 Paint the Parks National Competition (2 pieces)

2011 People’s Choice Award at the Clymer Museum of Art Exhibit & Auction

2008 C.M. Russell Museum CEO Award – given to one Russell Auction participant

2008 – 2010 Paint America Top 100

About Me

Stevens’ work reflects the small daily wonders of the land she calls home: the first crocus of spring, the resilient beauty of the plains, or that special sense of hope and possibility that is only found in the West. Stevens is also interested in regional history, particularly the interactions of Native Americans and white settlers during the Reservation Period. Many of her paintings are an exploration of this dynamic and a meditation on the “taming of the West.” From Billings, MT, Laurie began her career as an artist in Los Angeles where she spent 12 years working for the entertainment industry as a scenic artist and muralist for television, theme park, theater and movie productions. She spent time as a member of the Walt Disney Imagineering team, lending her talents to many Disney theme park projects worldwide. She also did some set design, illustration, and matte paintings for several animated childrens’ movies. In the 1980’s Stevens returned to her native Montana, first to the mountains near the Scapegoat Wilderness and then to the ranch near Great Falls where she currently lives and works.


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